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Job Application: Software Engineers, Telephony and communications

At this time the GCR actively recruits people, businesses and organizations to work with the GCR, as described below, in the following three ways:

  • Voluntary Contributors (VC’s)
  • From Volunteer to Pay (FVP)
  • Standard Pay Required (SPR)

VC (Voluntary Contributor): For the reasons described above we welcome volunteers and interns to apply for positions with us on a voluntary basis for no pay.

FVP (From Volunteer to Pay): The GCR also has what we call “From Volunteer to Pay” (FVP) basis. When a person or business entity applies for, is offered and accepts work from the GCR on a FVP basis, it means that they will be given a contract which will provide for a certain hourly or monthly salary, where that salary is not paid right away, but where it accumulates until such a time as the GCR can pay the FVP contractor any past amounts that remain unpaid. If things progress and funds are available, the contract continues for its term being fully paid. As and when partial funds become available to the GCR, it may pay all or part of the amounts owed to some or all contractors who work on a FVP basis, at the discretion of the management of GCR. In other words, those who work for the GCR on a FVP basis, understand and agree that they may never get paid if the Dot Money Project fails to launch or there is simply not enough money to pay everyone. In addition, some FVP contractors may be paid some or all of their pay as some money becomes available while other may have to wait to be paid. In all cases, the decisions being made in regards to who, how much and when to pay each FVP contractor is decided purely by the discretion of the FVP. The goal is to keep everyone paid to the greatest extent possible while still allowing for the budget required to launch and sustain the business. If the Dot Money Project succeeds then people that are VC or FVP will be celebrated and rewarded financially as best as possible because we consider these people as founders and true supporters of the business. People who work and do a good job on a VC or FVP basis will be given preferential treatment within the entire global business of Dot Money and the GCR.

SPR (Standard Pay Required): Almost all contracts can be bid on an SPR basis in order to receive standard pay, and there are some jobs that we only offer on an SPR basis. Unless the job is only offered as an SPR basis those who apply for the same job on a VC or FVP basis will be considered first.

Those who apply for positions on a VB and FVP basis are considered on a preferential basis when compared to other applicants who apply on a SPR basis (unless the job is only offered on a SPR basis).

Title: Software Engineers, Telephony and communications

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