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Job: Software Engineers: Point of Sale and Merchant Systems
Title Software Engineers: Point of Sale and Merchant Systems
Categories IT, Volunteers
Type of position VC, FVP, SPR
Job Information

The GCR is implementing a payment gateway solution that can be integrated into existing point of sale systems, on a global basis, to allow merchants and vendors to accept Dot Money with OR WITHOUT the use of cell phones and credit cards, or with a hard paper form of the money (a version of money that you print yourself and that is scanned or keyed at the retailer).  This is call the GCR Gateway.  In order to obtain the best possible software design for the launch of Dot Money and the GCR Gateway, and to avoid any delays in the launch, the GCR is undertaking a process where there are a minimum of 6 separate software design teams that are designing the GCR Gateway software system, to the same specification, completely independently of each other.  Three of the design teams are paid design teams and the rest of the design teams are FVP (or VC) teams.  Before the launch of Dot Money and the GCR Gateway, when each of the design teams have completed their design and testing of their versions of their respective software, all parties will come together to decide with the management of the Dot Money Project which implementation will be selected as the winner for use as the official Dot Money and GCR Gateway implementations.  All of the participants in all of the design teams will be offered a permanent position to work for the GCR to continue the ongoing design and maintenance of GCR Gateway software releases and related applications.  There are still vacancies in both the paid and the FVP design teams.  If you have a team that you would like to bring to the table to attempt the initial design, or if you would like to join an existing GCR Gateway software design team, then please apply here and place a 300 word or less description of your proposal in the comments section of this application.  The launch of the GCR Gateway is tentatively scheduled for June of 2016 and applicants can enter a design team at any time if their application is accepted by the GCR.

Applicants must be able to speak, read and write English, as well as the local language of the territory for which you are applying.

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